Thursday, 29 June 2017

Postmark attempts post

Attempted to get a postmark from Levis, QC. There is no postmark listed for them but I had hoped they would have had a matching Haunted Cancel like Banff and Winnipeg does. The Winnipeg one is still a mystery to me but that's for further down the post.

Received: 30.05.2017


Forgot this one expired awhile back but it was too late by the time I had realized and this had been sent away. Oh well!

Received: 01.06.2017


And once more another attempt that didn't quite resulting in anything but that's the way it goes. At least my card made it back to me!

Received: 05.06.2017

Since the cancel name didn't show up, I had sent to Clandonald, Alberta.


And lastly here is a cancel that did arrive; but! But it wasn't the cancel I had intended to receive! Like I wrote above, I had sent away trying to get a matching Haunted Canada cancel after seeing the one an acquaintance had. I was told to mail to the St. Norbert branch and was informed that they did not have the cancel nor did they know who had it. I received this cancel and my card back not cancelled. The search continues.

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