Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Millet & Sputinow, AB

I sent this sunny and warm card to another location in Alberta, and a lovely cancel returned to me! It's a shame this one expired since it's very detailed.

Received: 04.07.2017

If I had a dollar for every km I drove, I would have the airfare for that trip -_-;


Another beautiful Indigenous art card that I picked up while in Jasper. It would be nicer if I could send away for cancels to where the artist's are from, but I'm finding that is easier said than done unfortunately. 

Received: 04.07.2017

Bright side, at least the part about Salmon in the card matched the cancel somewhat.

Montreal, QC

One of the lovely calendar cards I got not too long ago as a RAS, putting it to good use!

Received: 04.07.2017

Not surprisingly, even though this is a new cancel the address on CP's website is wrong. The address to send to for this one is:

Succ. Rosemont
3151 rue Masson.
Montreal, QC
H1X 1P0

The cancel came out nice and clear on the envelope!

Once again a matching stamp for a matching cancel. This is from the non-self adhesive set of 150 stamps. 

Carrot River, SK

Another card that was floating in my collection waiting to be used. A shame I didn't have anymore dino stamps to match but hey the Canadarm stamp is also worth showing off :)

Received: 28.06.2017

Doesn't 'Big Bert' look huggable? :P

Galahad, AB

I can't recall where I got this cool looking oldie but it matched nicely for this cancel. Now to find another knight related card for the other knight related cancel...

Received: 27.06.2017

The other cancel is closer to home, which made Galahad the easier choice to send to

209th DS

Another cute card from my friend in Japan, with some great news! He's coming for a visit! How exciting! Since then we've met and it was a great experience; coincidentally it turned into a mini Postcrossing meeting since I also met up with two other Postcrossers that were in town on the same day as him.

Received: 22.06.2017

405th Tag

Yorkshire Terrier

From the "Extreme penny pinchers NA tag." It's my first time trying this out and I certainly would have to go for it again in the near future. Trying to not be 'picky' is hard though!

Received: 19.06.2017

My favourite out of them all! Definitely sending away for a special UFO related cancel!

A basket full of kittens eager to please!

Ostrich Racing is SUPER AWESOME!
You would look so cool riding around on the back of an ostrich. In South Africa, they just put a saddle on those suckers and ride. We hope that someday all the police of the world will ride ostriches instead of horses.

I want to ride an ostrich!

Spontaneous Human Combustion is SUPER AWESOME!
It's fast! It's hot! It can happen to anyone! One second you're sitting in your chair eating pistachios, and the next second you're a pile of ashes!

The key here is to not eat pistachios in a comfy chair.

And surprisingly I got my own card back!

Did you know that Empanadas were invented by God? XD A piece of heaven on Earth, oh yeeeeeeessss

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Saint-Agapit, Dunham, Alma, and Saint-Tite, QC

I figured it would be easier to upload all these cancels in one jumbo post since they're all from the same province. This is one of the few matching cards I had for this cancel

Received: 16.06.2017


Not matching but hey made this gave the Postmaster some laughs?!

Received: 19.06.2017


Still not matching but pretty groovy. Thank you thrift store haul!

Received: 19.06.2017

A clearer view of the cancel that was on the front of the envelope


This awesome sasquatch card was picked up on my trip to Jasper, it had a rougher trip than the rest of the cards unfortunately

Received: 19.06.2017

All the towns are surprisingly not that far from each other.

Montreal, QC

Since these are both from the same post office in Montreal, I thought it would be easier to keep them in the same post. These special postmarks celebrate Canada's 150th birthday and Montreal's 375th (I think?)

Received: 15.06.2017

Naturally I had to use the matching Expo 67 stamp


One day later the next card followed, I guess they got separated in the sorting process. Both coffee related cards are by my favourite artist that I encountered at the Berlin art market

Received: 16.06.17

And more French themed items to go with the card's theme and cancel

Since all my other entries never contained a map, now is the time to add one!

Another RAS :D

Surprise handmade card from a member of the FB group, love it! 

Received: 14.06.2017

The textured paper and one of the 150 stamps are nothing but amazing!

Cavendish, PEI

Not at all matching, but at least this beautiful card gets to stay with me. Sorry for not sharing :P 

Received: 14.06.2017

When I attempted to send for this one, I was not aware that the PO was open seasonally. I got one now and can now say that it was open between late May and mid October.

Are the good PEI potatoes worth the trip?!


Emily Carr (Canadian, 1871-1945)
Wood Interior, 1932-1935
Oil on Canvas, 130 x 86.3 cm

A beautiful Emily Carr painting, sent from a member of the FB group. What I like about this painting is that it almost seems like the forest is sucking you in.

Received: 13.06.2017


My globetrotting friend has ventured to Hong Kong this time! The trip included visiting mainland China and Taiwan. So far the cards from China and Taiwan haven't arrived.

Received: 13.06.2017