Wednesday, 12 July 2017

405th Tag

Yorkshire Terrier

From the "Extreme penny pinchers NA tag." It's my first time trying this out and I certainly would have to go for it again in the near future. Trying to not be 'picky' is hard though!

Received: 19.06.2017

My favourite out of them all! Definitely sending away for a special UFO related cancel!

A basket full of kittens eager to please!

Ostrich Racing is SUPER AWESOME!
You would look so cool riding around on the back of an ostrich. In South Africa, they just put a saddle on those suckers and ride. We hope that someday all the police of the world will ride ostriches instead of horses.

I want to ride an ostrich!

Spontaneous Human Combustion is SUPER AWESOME!
It's fast! It's hot! It can happen to anyone! One second you're sitting in your chair eating pistachios, and the next second you're a pile of ashes!

The key here is to not eat pistachios in a comfy chair.

And surprisingly I got my own card back!

Did you know that Empanadas were invented by God? XD A piece of heaven on Earth, oh yeeeeeeessss

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