Friday, 18 August 2017

410th Tag

Sucia, 2010. Geoffrey Martin

I'm really starting to love this new tag I've discovered. It's called the "NA Extreme Postal Penny pinchers" and the minimum number of cards is 10. It's a pretty good trade off and I've gotten some awesome cards thanks to it! With our meet up coming up, I need to get some cards to trade!

Received: 04.08.2017

African Astro-Profile
Original text by Edgard Bliss
Artwork by V. Rougier
English translation by Jean-Pierre Hallet

I remember seeing similar cards at the Egyptian curio store downtown, I wonder if they still sell some of those? They were cool cards to say the least. 

Love this ostrich card! Must be from the same artist who does the glowing deer and crescent moon motif. 

Gris Grimly: You Raised a Vampire
Album artwork for the 7" single You Raised a Vampire by The Moog

Pretty cool that this is actually album art! I had to check out the song on youtube; not bad at all. Here is a link to the official music video.

Russian Blue
A distinctive old breed with a medium sized muscular body and a dense, plush grey coat. This is a loyal, affectionate cat.

Russian Blues are such a adorable cats :D Actually all cats are adorable lol

Japanese War Cemetery
The only Japanese War Cemetery to be retained in Australia, it contains the remains of those Japanese soldiers who were killed in the Cowra Breakout and all Japanese nationals who died on Australian soil during WWII.

Hello toucan my old friend

Recess Jump, 2003. Graphite and Digital Color, 11 x 17 in. by James Jean

Santa Cruz Lighthouse
Monterey Bay, California

"Nervosa," Ink on paper, 5" x 8", 2012, James Jean

I had to include the letter that it came with since it's just so colourful and I love all the little drawings!

The envelope was awesomely decorated too!

407th, 408th, and 409th Tag

"Between Two Chairs" by Marin Blanc

3 lovely cards all from the same person and all arrived on the same day. They're all from different tags though. I really like this surrealist card, the thing is, I can't find the second chair!

Received: 04.08.2017

"The Great Diver" by Roger Langevin in front of the lighthouse of Pointe-au-Pere

This is a local lighthouse where the sender is from

Master of the Aachen Alter
Active during the end of the 15th century to early 16th century
The "Adoration of the Magi" painted around 1510 on oak wood, 81 x 135 cm

And the final card, I went for this one specifically to read what was on the back of the card. The sender wasn't certain of the details and I wanted to dig into it. The "Master of the Aachen Alter" was an anonymous painter and was given the name based off the Aachen Alter triptych.

Red Bay, NL

I've had this funky card for awhile just floating in my collection after the rest of the postcard book had long been sent. Happy to finally put it to use and the best part is the cancel is still valid! 

Received: 03.08.2017

This is probably one of the longer travel times I've ever seen

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Campbellton, NB

I've decided to use these historic paintings reprints for cards going to Quebec or other French speaking areas. This was a good matching cancel to go with this card, I thought.

Received: 02.08.2017

I noticed the slogan in the centre of the stamp sheet and decided to stick it on the card; it wasn't intentional at first but I realize the slogan applies quite well with this painting. 

Hodgeville, Lancer, and Piapot, SK

During my trip to Swift Current in SK, I decided to mail a bunch of different cards. It seems to me they reached their destinations faster being mailed in the same province instead of sending it straight from AB. 

This cute Roadrunner card was perfect for the Wile E. Coyote cancel :P

Received: 02.08.2017


I chose this totem art card since some First Nations bands used Chokeberries as apart of their traditional medicine and diet. All of these cards were received on the same day.


And the final card, matching cancel and all. We passed Piapot on the way to Swift, but since we were in a hurry to get to Regina, we didn't have a chance to pass by.

All closely together, very nice 

Mini meetup in Pointe-des-Cascades

What a cool meet up card; I'm impressed that a card was printed for a mini meetup. The lighthouse is a great addition to the scenery too!

Received: 02.08.2017

Newbrook, AB

I found this again at my favourite thrift store, another nice find and great for this cancel. I even got a small note from the Postmaster saying what a great card it was :)

Received: 28.07.2017

The cancel came out great too!

Englefeld, SK

I'm happy I got to use one of my shaped cards, I had this for a real long time. But the biggest challenge was finding an envelope that would fit!

Received: 28.07.2017

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

406th Tag

Beginning in the 1950s, many cities offered separate mailboxes for local and out-of-town mail to speed processing. Marketing photos like this promoted their use to increase efficiency.

From the "Taking out the Trash x4 Tag", and what a good selection too. I like this one the most.

Received: 27.07.2017

Washington D.C., USA
The U.S. Marine War Corps War Memorial / Iwo Jima

And some bonus stamps!

210th DS

Sent more as a thank you than as a swap; still an awesome thing to receive! Here is a year of the rooster card.

Received: 26.07.2017

Some unused stamps

And here we got an awesome year of the monkey envelope!

405th Tag

An interesting variety of cards, thanks to the "[NA] Taking out the Trash x4 Tag"! Looking at this vintage reprint, I'm wondering what peach ice cream is like.

Received: 24.07.2017

Victor Horta, Maison Horta, Brussels, 1898-1900

That's quite a stairway, wonder where it goes.

Vegas strip cards! Not literal stripping though lol