Tuesday, 17 April 2018

RR: Homemade Cards

This first card to arrive for the new RR that I joined. This is a hand drawn mandala, very cool looking and a lot of work. It came in an envelope and surprisingly I took it apart before taking a photo of the stamp. My bad...  

Received: 23.02.2018


Such a cute fabric postcard! I was surprised that the stamp was affixed and cancelled on the card as opposed to the envelope.

Received: 27.02.2018


This interesting piece is by a local postcrosser, what I have to commend her on is how she weaved each piece of string for this.

Received: 01.03.2018

Fantastic stamp variety!


This one is probably my favourite of them all. Love the collage and all the different types of bugs present.

Received: 01.03.2018


The final card from the RR to be received. Wonder where the sender got that cool raised image of the bird.

Received: 09.03.2018

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