Friday, 8 June 2018

443rd Tag

Cincinnati is a city with a baseball tradition and large fan base. The first professional baseball team in the US, the Cincinnati Redlegs, was formed in 1869. Current day fans welcomed the opening of the beautiful new ballpark in 2003.

Another cool set of cards from the "Taking out the Trash" tag but from the North American version. I had requested some specific cards and luckily someone was able to deliver! This will help a lot during my trip :D

Received: 23.04.2018

A beautiful building of native sandstone quarried nearby, started 1800, completed 1802, stood on what is present the site of Ross County Courthouse. Torn down 1852.

The Indianapolis Artsgarden is erected over the intersection of Illnois and Washington streets adjacent to the Circle Centre Mall. It is 128 ft. in diameter, 20 ft. above the ground, and it has 35000 square feet of glass which rises 80 ft. into the air.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Photo by James Blank

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