Self-Made Cards

Just a very long list of all the self-made cards I've made for official postcrossing cards, direct swaps and tags.

*Drawn on the back of the card*

*The back of "Bunny O' Lantern," I would like to mention the theme was "Suicide Bunnies"*


Back of card
3 separate cards, that make up a large picture. 

At the Foot of the Statue

Little pieces

Lack of Thought

Envelope for card above 

Naruto and Sakura

And the envelope for above

Pictorial Map of Alberta
*I forget what this was for...*


Part of the envelope for the card above

Flowery Felines

One Step for Sloth
Direct Swap

Air Mail: Peacock

Why the Sea is Salty

Canada and Kumojirou
Translation Tag(?)


Reach for the Moon
Direct Swap

Secret Admirer over the Mountains

Purgatorio: 1st Terrace

Santa the Postcrosser

Tiger, Tiger
GRC card

Winter comes to Norway

Dance at Twilight

The Mermaid
Tag game

Origami Fish

Drawing on the back 

Origami Butterfly
ABC game

Sigmund Freud

Origami Rabbit
PC meet up giveaway

Origami Fish v.2
PC meet up giveaway

Origami Owl
PC meet up giveaway

Origami Bird
PC meet up giveaway

Origami Frog
PC meet up giveaway

Here comes a Reaper

Constellation Tauros

Maneki Nekos
FB game

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